Just Being Frank

About Frank

A desire to serve people fuels my design of human-centered solutions. Through leading design teams, I’ve found my passion for helping designers fulfill their potential and develop their voice.

In The Begining

Like many designers, creativity was always a part of how I explored the world.  I was often drawing, crafting, and building to understand how things worked and the possibilities to make things better.  However, I graduated high school before the internet became the dotcom jungle it is today.  My interest in art, design, and technology did not provide a clear career path at the time, so I started in the technology field and worked my way back to design as the internet and digital technologies started to emerge.

Agency Life

After several years in the technology field, I made the leap to creative life in the agency world.  I started at MEA Digital where I worked on digital projects for clients like Kyocera, Centurion Boats, Callaway Golf, and Oakley.

Soon after, I met my wife, moved to Texas and continued my career at T-3.  The creative environment at T-3 was enriching and gave me the opportunity to work on award-winning projects for Dell, JCP, Universal, Taco Bell and Marriott.

Mission and Family First

As my family grew, I found a new home at USAA.  I started as a contract designer and now lead design teams as a Design Director.  Working for a Fortune 100 financial services company helped me mature as a designer and leader.  The clear and service focused mission of USAA has enabled me and my team to deliver solutions through human-centered design.

Continued Growth

I continue to grow as a design leader and stay involved with the design community through creative work and speaking engagements.  Selected pieces of my creative work can viewed on Behance and additional thoughts can be found on Medium.

Design is the discipline of making informed decisions; leadership is enabling others to make their own decisions and take action.

Frank Duran