About Frank

Growing Interests:

In parallel to my corporate career, I embraced entrepreneurship and education, serving as Chief Digital Officer for Boxes and Arrows and an Instructor for the UTSA UX/UI Bootcamp. These experiences expanded my digital strategy and education skills and deepened my commitment to mentoring and innovation.

In 2023, I embarked on a new chapter as a Partner at Primo Ventures, utilizing my years of real estate investment experience. This transition represents a fusion of my diverse skill set to create impactful real estate opportunities.

Turning Ideas into Reality

I leverage my expertise in technology, design, and entrepreneurship to turn valuable ideas into reality. Central to this is my belief in the transformative power of relationships and collaboration. By cultivating diverse talents and perspectives, I aim to unlock creativity and drive forward solutions that are not just effective but elegantly realized. Technology and design serve as my tools for problem-solving and creative expression, enabling me to navigate challenges with precision. My entrepreneurial spirit pushes me to transcend traditional boundaries, exploring new territories with bold vision. This journey is more than just about achieving goals; it’s about inspiring change and empowering individuals to realize their full potential. Through fostering growth and championing innovation, I am committed to making a significant impact, demonstrating that with the right combination of human collaboration and technological prowess, we can bring any idea to life.