For the debut episode of Just Talking Frank, I chose to speak with my good friend Amy Marquez.  Amy is one of the most passionate design leaders I have met and with every conversation I continue to learn and grow because of her thoughtful approach to design.  Her engagement and influence within the design community is why I wanted to interview her for the first episode of Just Talking Frank.

Amy Jimenez Marquez

Amy Jiménez Márquez is the UX manager of the Alexa Personality Experience Design team at Amazon in Seattle, WA. She’s also one of the publishers of Boxes and Arrows, an online publication devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design. She’s been a UX professional since the late 1990s, working in both corporate and freelance settings. With a Master’s degree in Directing, Amy has also been performing improvisational comedy for over 20 years, and enjoys applying improv collaboration techniques to her daily work.