When I first became a designer it was during the beginning of the world wide web. Looking back, I romanticized the idea of designing for a global audience and when it came to design my focus was on creation. The latest PhotoShop and HTML techniques and trends occupied the beginning of my design career. Of course, as time goes on the challenges become not so challenging and in doing so the work becomes less satisfying. This made me restless, which begged the question “what next”?

I have always loved design. Creating and building has always fascinated me. In the middle of this restlessness about my career I read a manifesto describing how designers are problem solvers and that was an idea that I gravitated to. Pushing pixels now had a new purpose for me. The idea of solving problems through the solutions I designed allowed me to look beyond the pixels and make a new connection when approaching any new design. However, this reinvigoration had a completely new aspect that I naively overlooked.

Design connects me with people and through this connection I grow…

Even with renewed drive there was still the time-honored question of “why”? Sure, I love what I do, but is that enough? While asking myself these questions the answer became clear. I design solutions for people. My passion to help people connects to my love for design. Design connects me with people and through this connection I grow as a designer. All the techniques and professional knowledge I developed throughout my career now had come together to help me realize this new personal renaissance. After this realization I was again left with the question “what next”?

Well, this idea about designing to help people is actually a sentiment that seems to be shared among a lot of people in the design community and we call it user experience. I have continued to learn and evolve into a user experience designer and now I can appreciate that asking “what next” is an opportunity for me to grow and evolve. I look forward to the next time I get to reconnect with why I love being a designer.

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