How I Do

There are a lot of words like “user-centered”, “experience design”, and “design thinking” being used describe what I do.  All of it really means that in order to bring solutions to people that are meaningful and valuable one must start with discovering the problems and what people value in the first place.  Let’s walk-through my approach to design:

Ask Questions

It doesn’t matter if I’m the 1st or 101st person to tackle the problem, asking questions is how I begin every design.  The beginning of a new project presents many opportunities, so it is critical to engage stakeholders and conduct or collect human-centered research in order to truly understand what pain people are experiencing.  The discovery of these pain points then presents me with starting points to deliver value to the intended audience.  This comprehensive approach also allows me to set expectations with stakeholders and develop measures for success that help define the goals of the intended experience.

Make Stuff

Making is stimulates the brain, which helps me think about problems (pain points) from new perspectives.

Test & Learn

Provoke and test the boundaries of what people assume to be true.

Refine & Repeat

Making and testing leads to learning about what works and what we need to learn more about in order to arrive at a solution that will be successful.